Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Bells for Primary Grades

Wow, December is upon us just like that! Celebrating Thanksgiving so late in November seems to have shortened the Christmas season a bit, so some of you may be looking to simplify holiday lessons or performances. Here's an easy, fun (yet worthwhile) activity I'll be doing with K-2 classes at several schools this month.
Practice chanting the poem to a steady beat first. Then have students play assigned bells on the beat, and sing all syllables that belong to one beat on the pitch the designated bell produces. I have several of these I hope to add to my TPT store soon. For now, here's a freebie 4 U. Enjoy it with your kiddos! : )
I'm back : )  I finished the set of
Rhymes and Chimes for Christmas Time, and I'm having so much FUN with this! I designed this material for myself, K-3 classroom teachers, music teachers, home-schoolers, and families. There are some great language fluency skills that come with this 'spoon full of sugar,' and the language concepts and activities flow into musical ones so easily. Also, this is the easiest way to put together a musical performance with bells and young children. Here are some sample pages:
I created five pieces with five options for each:  poem text, poem text with accented syllables (the ones bells will be played on), colored text, colored text with bell icons, and actual notation for teacher reference or older students. (Teachers and students don't need to be able to read the music notation to be successful with this.) I've also included a sheet of printable labels to color-code plain chimes or bells.

You can click on a sample page to go to my store and purchase this set of five piece set (20 pages of printables or projectables).  Thanks for stopping by!