Monday, December 31, 2012

Music "Spices Up' Teaching and Learning

In connection with my previous post, this set of SPICED-UP SPELLING activities contains examples of how music enhances learning. Students and teachers alike have been delighted with the energy and enthusiasm these ideas bring to spelling practice, so I've finally compiled and formatted them for others to use.

I'm not sure which activity is my favorite, but I do love the intensity on students' faces when they're engaged in "Speedy Spellers." It's amazing how many words students can write during this 15 minute musical spelling activity (150-210), and yet they still say they have fun. I also love the amazement students experience when I record the "Jungle Drums" activity and play it back to them. I've been sharing these with many 6th grade teachers and their students this year, and I get a thrill out of hearing that spelling time was the best time of the day : )

This set of lesson plans is availabe here:

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