Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pomp and Whack-'em-stance Freebie

Make graduation fun and extra memorable this year! Here's another FREEBIE: the melody for Pomp and Circumstance arranged for Boomwhackers or bells. (This is a JPEG file. Click it to download or print.)

If you're interested in doing a larger-scale performance, I've created an arrangement with full harmony and materials & suggestions for adding recorder, flute, violin, xylophone, guitar and/or ukulele. It's avaiable from my TPT store. (You can click the picture below to check it out.)


  1. Where are the instructions?

  2. This is an arrangement for bells or Boomwhackers, and the notes required are listed under the title. Just give one note to each player, print or project the music, and then read and play the music. The color-coded music makes it easy for young players or people who don't read music well. Hope this helps.