Thursday, February 6, 2014

Music Activities with a Valentines Theme

Happy Valentines Day (week), everyone! Here's a little freebie printable poster you might enjoy:

This is a PNG file, which you can simply click on and print.

After presenting a full-day workshop and attending (and absolutely enjoying) UMEA, I am a bit slow posting some Valentines ideas. But if you are as busy as I am, you might be looking for some last-minute ideas. 

I have recently completed a few sets of Valentines activities: a note-spelling set with super cute Valentine graphics and two sets which use text-based rhythms from conversation heart candies. See samples of my layered ostinatos, composition cards, and measure mats below. I also composed a little poem to help students laugh at and feel comfortable working with the mushy text on candy hearts, which I will share below as a freebie.

Here's my poem / body percussion canon with instructions below:
(This is part of my "Love Notes with Candy Quotes" sets.) You can click on it to enlarge and project, print and/or save.

(1) Model by chanting the poem with an animated voice to a steady beat. (2) Have students pat the beat with 'spider legs' on thighs as you repeat it and match accented syllables to the beat.  (3) Add the actions/body percussion and practice. (Notes: actions are directly under the syllables they occur on. 'Open' is a silent gesture, as if opening a card. 'Brush' as if trying to get clean.) (4) Perform body percussion without audible text (but thinking the words and maintaining a steady beat).  (5) Divide the class into two groups and perform, beginning one stanza apart (as a round). If students are ready, perform this as a three- or four-part canon. Have fun! : ) 

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