Thursday, March 7, 2013

Partner Song Freebie

In addition to rounds, partner songs are a great way to help students develop singing independence and harmony skills. I have always been fascinated with this technique, and have long kept a running list of songs with common chord structures. These familiar favorites can be sung and accompanied as stand-alone pieces or sung simultaneously as partner songs. (A few rounds are included as well.) Young and old alike enjoy singing partner songs. If you don't have colored Boomwhackers or bells, you can apply colored stickers to plain instruments, homemade pipe chimes or boom pipes. Here's the link where you can download this free chart: 

This 'freebie' is a sample page from my 50 Color Chord-inated Partner Tunes to Sing, Bing & Boom, which includes four sets of songs organized around common chord patterns (three keys). This one-chord set is, of course, the simplest in the collection. If you're ready for a wider variety of chord patterns and folk songs, you can find the complete set at

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