Friday, March 15, 2013

Rain Songs are "so mi!"

Spring fever has hit, and I'm having so much fun lately with childrens' songs about rain! The rain theme itself inspires manipulatives and fun visuals, plus the simple melodies inspire meaningful rhythm and pitch explorations, improvisations and composition. A few of my favorites (simple as they are) include: Rain, Rain Go Away (so-mi-la); It's Raining, It's Pouring (so-mi-la); Rain, Come Wet Me (so-mi-re-do), Rain on the Green Grass (do-re-mi-so-la), and Rain is Falling All Around (diatonic).

The first four mentioned can actually be sung as partner songs because their tone sets fall within the pentatonic scale... and that inspires ostinatos! Here are a couple of  'rain' ostinatos, color-coded for Boomwhackers or bells. This is a JPEG file so you can click on it to save it, and then project, enlarge, and print it if desired.  

I have created some excellent lesson plan sets and teaching materials around the rain theme for spring. (So much experience, work and time has gone into these!) You can check out preview files of these sets by clicking on the cover pages below.

These raindrop note heads are a sample from my newest publication, Rain on the Green Grass Musi-Kit. You may also save and print this FREEBIE. Happy spring, everybody!

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